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Do you like pop culture? How about random conversations about pizza? What about comics, video games, perhaps movies? Then Upside Down Shark is the place for you! Join us on Upside Down Shark Radio (the premier pop culture podcast) to talk about the latest and greatest in nerdy news. Join us on YouTube to see Takedown Trailers, quick hot takes with Shark Bites and interview bands and artists. Perhaps you enjoy the written word? In that case check out our regularly updated blog for in-depth analysis of pop culture fun!

Podcasts. Videos. Words. Upside Down Shark is here to supply you with pop culture takes but in an entertaining way. Join us for the ride won’t you?


Tom Baker

Mentioned first to please his ego. Tom brings two things with him wherever he goes: A cup of coffee and a book on how to monetise everything. Tom came up with the name and concept of Upside Down Shark and pitched it to Craig whilst over a waffle.

Tom’s favourite shark is the Goblin Shark.

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Craig Baughan

Co-Creator of Upside Down Shark. Craig has been creating podcasts for years at this point, so he knows how to talk somewhat professionally. He believes that Pepsi Max is the best drink in the world and would gladly argue this point to anyone.

His favourite Shark is Bruce from Finding Nemo.

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Matt Dobbie

He told me to write “Sexy boy looking for love and a time machine” and he really likes KFC.

Matt’s favourite Shark is Lenny from A Shark’s Tale.

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Neale Upton

The Aquabats! Number one fan. Neale is known for his drawing skills and his love for Evangelion.

Neale’s favourite Shark is Bruce from Jaws. “In that I don’t like him because he’s the bad guy, but he is also very dangerous, very James Bond at this point”.

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Ksana does not know how she got roped into this, but is enjoying it thus far. She really likes Bastille and is willing to discuss the properties of cake with anyone who will listen.

Ksana’s favourite Shark is the Whale Shark because they are gentle giants.

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Chris Stead

Christopher David Stead. Universally known as “Stead” (even by his family). The resident pessimist but really caring at his core. Stead enjoys metal (the music genre & also the material), quoting every film under the sun and being the guru of useless trivia.

Stead’s favourite Shark is the Hammerhead Shark.

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