videogameinhd - The Pokédex Scale

Pokémon has a reputation for being a game about cute little creatures, but when you really scratch beneath the surface, the Pokédex is closer to a Lovecraftian horror anthology than something for kids.

And still, Detective Pikachu has managed to throw the “cutest to scariest” scale right out the window, and replace it with something like “Pokémon I think are least likely to hide under my bed at night to eat my hand when it dangles over the edge, and Pokémon that will just outright murder me in broad daylight while no one dares to try and stop it”.

pokemon the scale

UDS’s Favourite Moments from Each Series of Taskmaster

Rejoice! After 6 long months, a brand-new Series of Taskmaster makes its way to Dave next week, featuring 5 brand new contestants, 10 episodes full of new mundane tasks and a whole heap more of TV’s favourite couple, Greg Davies and “Little” Alex Horne! To celebrate the return of Taskmaster, and to whet our appetites for what’s in store, let’s take a look back at some of our favourite moments from each of the previous 7 series.

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The Best of EGX REZZED 2019

Recently, Neale, friend of the site Joey Chilton, and I, were lucky enough to go to this years edition of EGX REZZED at the Tobacco Dock, London. For those not aware, EGX is the name of a long running video game convention that takes place annually, and REZZED is a spinoff dedicated purely to indie games. Whilst this may not seem like something to take note of, the key difference is that developers here appear to take on the feedback that you have about their games as you play them. It’s refreshing to play some hidden gem and say an off-hand comment, then see them write it down because they obviously want to make the best game they can. Although Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony were there, the emphasis was on independently made video games, and here are some of the best ones I happened to see at EGX REZZED 2019.

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