The Best of EGX REZZED 2019

Recently, Neale, friend of the site Joey Chilton, and I, were lucky enough to go to this years edition of EGX REZZED at the Tobacco Dock, London. For those not aware, EGX is the name of a long running video game convention that takes place annually, and REZZED is a spinoff dedicated purely to indie games. Whilst this may not seem like something to take note of, the key difference is that developers here appear to take on the feedback that you have about their games as you play them. It’s refreshing to play some hidden gem and say an off-hand comment, then see them write it down because they obviously want to make the best game they can. Although Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony were there, the emphasis was on independently made video games, and here are some of the best ones I happened to see at EGX REZZED 2019.

Guntastic (PC, 2019) by Ludicrous Games

I loved Towerfall Ascension, but I was never good at Towerfall Ascension. Guntastic is in a similar vein to Towerfall but has a lot more variation in its character. It is a four player couch competitive, one shot - one kill game, that sees you playing as a variety of crazy personalities (zombie, monkey, nudist, etc.) with, as the name may suggest - guns. The amount of guns is diverse enough to cater to many different play styles, from close up with the boxing gloves, to long range with a gun that shoots saws able to rip through the level terrain. Between all this chaos you still have to watch out for the traps littered throughout the stage because that means instant death too!

In the short time I had with Guntastic, the three button controls (jump, pickup & shoot) made it easy to pick up, play, and shoot some fools with reckless abandon. Each round is short enough for you not to be too annoyed if you lost, because you will quite quickly be able to seek revenge on those who have forsaken you.

Guntastic will be released sometime in 2019, on Steam for the Personal Computers.


Chromapose (Mobile, 2019) by Claire Kwong

Games can be so many different experiences, from expansive hundred hour RPGs, to the a simple clicker. Chromapose is a game simple in its concept, but so effective and fun when played with a group of people. A coloured border surrounds your screen, and your objective is to match that colour by moving your phone in any and every direction. After you have found that “sweet spot”, the other players have to match it before everyone can move onto the next colour. The fun that comes from this game is being in a big party and everyone looking stupid, moving their phones frantically in every direction.

Chromapose is available now for free at

Close To The Sun (PC, 2019) by Storm in a Teacup

C.T.T.S has a very strong Bioshock vibe going on. The demo I played was short and featured an angry gentleman chasing me, violently killing me over and over again. The gameplay left something to be desired, but the art direction appealed to me and being alone in the world weaponless and defenseless is something that could potentially be terrifying.

Close To The Sun will be released on the Epic Games Store for the Personal Computers, sometime in 2019 .

PHOGS! (2020) by Bit Loom Games

Playing as a strange creature called a Phog (Physic Dog?), with a head on the top and a head on the bottom (think something similar to CatDog), you traverse different levels solving various puzzles. The twist? The player(s) controls each command an end of the dog - it’s easy to pick up and play, however trying to master the Phog whilst stretching, shrinking, herding the different creatures, and sometimes just getting through the level shows a lot of depth and challenge at times.

Out of all the games at EGX this one left a big impression on me, with it’s family friendly vibe, colourful art style and whimsical sound. There was nothing similar to this at all at the convention.

Phogs is due to release in 2020.

Holiday Vacation Bureau (Browser, 2019) by Rachel Clancy

What does your ideal life look like? What would you do differently next time around? What's stopping you from living the life you want right now? These are the questions that Holiday Vacation Bureau asks.


On the outset, HVB is a simple checklist. You have over four hundred different options to choose from, yet you can only select ten. These selections will help plan for your next human incarnation on Earth, so pick carefully. Will you be a genius dropout? Choose to live off the grid? Be a cult leader? Perhaps partake in a 69? All of these things matter when picking your next life.

You can play this in a browser right now, but I believe that the best way to experience this is via Rachel Clancy’s custom made setup (see picture). Designed after an old style ATM with beautiful font work, you find yourself checking off options through a touch screen, and when you’re finished you press the big blue button and receive a custom receipt which joyfully exclaims “Enjoy your life!”.

Holiday Vacation Bureau is available now at

Honourable Mentions

The Mind by Coiledspring Games

An actual real life card game that focuses on silence and trying to read each other's mind.

Cat Tap by Megan Wheeler

Make sure to get rid of all the food before the table fills up. A casual mobile game that is full of character and lots of catty costumes.

NYC Bungee Jump by Blackwall VR

A simple VR experience - you take an elevator up the Statue of Liberty and jump off. What makes this good is the fan simulating the air when you’re at the top and your brain thinking you are actually high in the sky.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats by Imagineer

The Nintendogs (& cats) sequel we all truly deserve.

Vectronom by Ludopium

A funky rhythm platformer that will have you pulling out your hair, but you’ll still keep trying over and over.

Cake Bash by High Tea Frog

Similar to Mario Party, except with cakes and the mini games were fun.

- Craig

The Best Simpsons Video Games

Hello once again, dear reader. Last time we looked at the “Worst Video Games featuring The Simpsons”. We saw shocking skateboarding, a questionable beanstalk and God-awful wrestling. It wasn't all bad, however - for every bad mobile game there could possibly be a good mobile game, it’s not out of the realms of possibility!

So join me as we take a look at some of The Best Simpson Video Games!

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Should You Play Monster Hunter?

2018 was a great year for Monster Hunter fans – two new titles, and more on the horizon! If the latest games in the series are on your radar but you’re unsure if you want to dive in head-first, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to have a little look at what makes the series worth playing, where you should start, and what you can expect!

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The Worst Simpsons Video Games

One of the biggest television shows since television began is that funny yellow family we all know and love, The Simpsons. They have just recently been renewed for 2 new seasons taking it up to season 32. Through all the seasons we have had a multitude of merch that stems from alarm clocks, soaps (on a rope sometimes), figures, foods, drinks, doormats and even actual real life Duff beer!

Not all of it was good however, especially in the interactive form! Join me on a journey as we go through The Worst Simpson Video Games!

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6 Albums From 2004 That You Should Listen to Again

This week, we thought we’d do something a little bit different for the UDS blog. The idea started with a random year chosen by our own Neale, and as you’ve probably guessed from the title, the year chosen was 2004. We then each chose 2 albums from the year 2004 that we think people should go and check out again. The albums we’ve selected are a reasonably eclectic bunch, ranging from Metal to Glam-Pop to Japanese Alternative Rock and all sorts in between. So, without further ado, here are 6 albums from 2004 that we think you should go and listen to again!

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Monster Magnet + Puppy at Electric Brixton Review

This past Tuesday (29th Jan), I attended Monster Magnet’s lone UK date of their ‘Mindf****r’ tour at London’s Electric Brixton, a gig that in many ways was 12 years in the making. Their 2007 album ‘4-Way Diablo’ was one of the first albums I ever owned myself, rather than stealing from my dad’s CD collection or a compilation of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 soundtrack. Now, you’d be forgiven in thinking the 13 tracks that comprise ‘4-Way Diablo’, and indeed the wider Monster Magnet discography, are nothing more than self indulgent, over the top and derivative; but it was (and still is) for these reasons that I fell completely in love with the band. Yes, their leather-clad, rockstar schtick might be passé, but it’s entirely self aware and serves as a love letter to a bygone era of the genre. I’d never consider myself a stick in the mud, and I genuinely believe we live in one of the most exciting periods for alternative music in a good long while, but at a time where there’s a few too many ‘Oli Sykes’ types dominating headlines, it can’t hurt to have a few Dave Wyndorfs.

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The Teal Album by Weezer Review

The curious case of an unexpected album release I see! Not only that, it is a cover album I hear! I hope they have covered songs that I know! Oh well might as well just put it on without seeing the tracklist and hope I can sing along. In all seriousness though, despite all my mixed feelings (spoiler) on the album, I would recommend putting this on and being surprised by what they play. Read on to find out more thoughts and feeling on Weezer’s ‘The Teal Album’

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Lesser Known Chris Cornell Songs You Should Listen To

My aim today is to share some of the songs that Chris Cornell has had a hand in creating that I think more people should listen to, and hopefully open people’s eyes to an artist they may never have given a second thought about. This is neither a beginner’s guide nor a deep cuts collection. These are songs that maybe didn’t get as much radio airplay, album tracks that I think could have been put forward for the masses, and a couple of singles that are often overlooked. So, if you’ve ever found yourself grooving along to ‘Spoonman’ or headbanging to the outrageous noise of ‘Cochise’ but have never thought to go beyond the songs fed to you on a platter, this might just be the list for you.

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M. Night Shyamalan's Glass Review

Nineteen years. Nineteen years! Six thousand, six hundred and thirty two days ago since Unbreakable was released in the USA. The “Eastrail 177 Trilogy” as it has come to be known is such an anomaly in the film world right now. We have had so many studios chasing Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) trying to release multiple movies in a singular year. Whether it is the mishandled DC Extended Universe, the ill-fated “Dark Universe” Cinematic Universe that got off to a non-start with Mr. Cruise’s The Mummy or even Fox’s “sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss” X-Men Universe which seems to be slowly (and sadly) getting shut down with the Disney merger.

I’m a big fan of comic books and the movies that are made around them. So to have something that is so different from the MCU I believe should be applauded. It takes restraint to create three movies over NINETEEN YEARS when in perspective that is Marvel’s output for a single year. It’s obvious that there is money to be made in superheroes and after all these years it could be argued that the universe being created here was not for the sake of making money but was actually a carefully thought out trilogy by M. Night Shyamalan. With all that time to refine does that make it a good movie however?

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A Brief List of Cyberpunk Anime to Maybe Check Out I Guess

Did you know we’re living in the future? The future is NOW! Whatever you’re up to today, it’s almost certainly very cool and futuristic.

Ok, so 2019 might not be the future everyone was expecting, but that doesn’t mean bleak visions of the future have gone away. People have been dreaming of dreary cities full of film noir charm for the last few decades, so at least we’ve still got that to tide us over until the machine uprising grants us the true future we’re all desperate to die in poverty from.


Hey let’s look at some cool cyberpunk anime.

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Doctor Who Series 11 – A Successful Regeneration?

Doctor Who is my favourite TV show, through and through. So why is it that Series 11 has left me feeling so conflicted about my love for the show? Am I having some form of crisis? Is the show all of a sudden really bad? Have I grown up? I don’t think it’s any of these things. Join me, as I take a look at some of the things I liked and disliked in Series 11 of Doctor Who in an effort to find some clarity.

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